Stauter-Built Wooden Boat Specialist

Specialist in Stauter, Negus, Bosarge and Chris Craft Wooden Boats
Fairhope, Alabama (Mobile Bay)


Structural Repair

Structural repairs to Stauter, Negus, Bosarge & Chris Craft (and all other wooden craft boats)

This is a very unique & specific area of repairs to a Stauter, or any other brand of wooden boat. This describes a necessary repair to the main structural members of a boat which make up its "bones", so to speak. Damage to these members can be caused by wet or dry rot, impact damage or marine worms.

These structural components are floor ribs, wall ribs, inside & outside keel, floor stringers, transom & transom gussets and as well, the gunwales. When one or more of these members fail, undue stress is placed on other components. Of course, the actual outer skin of the boat... the walls and bottom must be properly maintained in order to prevent damage to structural components.