Stauter-Built Wooden Boat Specialist

Specialist in Stauter, Negus, Bosarge and Chris Craft Wooden Boats
Fairhope, Alabama (Mobile Bay)


"Out of the Delta"

The legend of Stauter-built boats


As I have stated on many occasions, and here again, my respect for Mr. Lawrence Stauter runs deep. He established Stauter Boat Works back in the late 1940’s with the objective in mind to build an affordable boat, and one that would stand up to rugged use here on Mobile Bay and in the Delta.

When Mr. Stauter began building these fine boats, men were coming home from the World Wars and he knew that they would be seeking some rest, relaxation and that meant being out on the water either fishing or enjoying some family time.

It is very important to keep in mind that there were no fiberglass boats back In the days when Lawrence Stauter began this business….wooden boats were the only thing available. The fact that many of the boats he built back in the earlier years are still being used today speaks clearly of the master craftsmanship and dedication to quality that was put into each and every boat that left their shop.