Stauter-Built Wooden Boat Specialist

Specialist in Stauter, Negus, Bosarge and Chris Craft Wooden Boats
Fairhope, Alabama (Mobile Bay)


Boats Sales Brokerage

"Market your boat!
We broker all boats, and specialize in wooden boat classics such as Stauters, Negus, Bosarge and Chris Crafts."

We assist Stauter (and other brands) wooden boat owners in marketing their treasure to a new home. A nominal fee is charged for our marketing effort and is agreed upon prior to its being listed with us.

Other general guidelines related to our boat marketing are as follows:

  • Marketing fee normally runs 5% of fair market value of boat.
  • We market wooden boats to prospective customers who understand the maintenance needs of wooden boats. If a first time owner of wooden boat, the we explain its needs carefully.
  • Inspect the boat prior to marketing to assure integrity & quality. If deficiencies are found, they must be corrected prior to its being listed with us.
  • Boats listed with us MUST be legally registered to the owner listing the boat with us. Proof of ownership is required, and shall be presented at the time of listing with us.
  • Outboard motors attached to boats being marketed by our company must be in good operating condition, and will be ran & compression tested before marketing begins.
  • We can market your boat either from a customers' business/residence or from a location selected by the owner & Wooden Boat Restoration

You can contact us by phone or Online.