Stauter-Built Wooden Boats Specialists
Fairhope, Alabama (Mobile Bay)


Stauter Boat Cosmetic Restoration

Bringing and Stauter boat with no serious damage back to original splendor.

Cosmetic restoration is the most usual, clients have a boat in good operational condition without serious damage but they want to make the boat prettier again, or to advance it beyond of what it was when originally built.

Cosmetic restoration not necessarily means to bring the boat exactly as it was originally, it's also an opportunity to change colors, change from paint to varnish, or do any minor or major cosmetic changes to make it look as you oimagine it.

Although often it does not mean many changes to the boat, it also could be bringing the boat to classic boat showroom condition. Painting and varnishing goes then into a much more meticulous process both in preparing the wood to the different layers applied.