Stauter-Built Wooden Boats Specialists
Fairhope, Alabama (Mobile Bay)


Boats Sales Brokerage

"Market your boat!
We broker all boats, and specialize in wooden boat classics such as Stauters and Chris Crafts."

We broker boats for a fee, with utmost integrity across all the process. We can also restore your boat from minor cosmetic changes to a complete overhaul including the motor.

Our brokerage approach:

  • We market your boat

  • Cosmetic Work
    We negotiate price and terms. from minor cosmetics to a full repair and restoration.

  • Brokerage Fee
    Our brokerage fee averages 5%.

  • Boat in Good Condition
    Boats must be in good condition, we are not going to sell a bad boat under any circumstance. As stated above, we can negotiate any cosmetics, repair and restoration needed.

  • Outboards in Good Condition
    As with the boat, th outboard motors must be in good running condition. If needed, we have a master outboard mechanic on staff that can perform from a tune up to a full motor rebuild.

  • Registration
    Boats must be legally registered.

  • Sales Location
    Boats can be at my shop, or at any other place. If the boat is at my location I will actively sell and show the boat, usually increasing the price and reducing the time to sale.

You can contact us by phone or Online.